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Today, electromagnetic waves are omnipresent in the home. We truly need to be protecting ourselves from these waves as their long-term effects have yet to be studied. Self-protection requires learning how to protect oneself from electromagnetic waves, whatever their source.
Many materials exist to get rid and/or block electromagnetic waves. Such materials allow individuals to achieve a healthy way of living free from electromagnetic waves. Most of the time, these products have been already tested by hospitals. The military also needs "faraday cages" type anti-wave shelters for their activity. More generally, all personnel exposed to these intense electromagnetic fields should be using EMF protection during their activities.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are present everywhere in our environment.There are natural and man-made EMF fields and they exist everywhere on Earth. The human eye cannot “see” them, but the body can at times feel where they are present. Wherever there is an electric charge, there is an electric field. Thunderstorms create natural electromagnetic fields.
Electromagnetic waves have been more and more often exploited in many technologies. It has boomed in recent years without the general public taking much notice. These technological waves create electromagnetic fields originating from human activity.

How do we protect from 5G EMF?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network planned for 2020. 5G would represent a considerable technological advance. It has an ultra-fast throughput. It could contribute to the development of a multitude of intelligent devices.

Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves emitted by connected devices can be harmful to the human body. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes something interesting. Low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic waves affect the human body in a different way.
To avoid this, you can take a few steps to protect yourself from them
- Keep your phone and computer at a distance
Nowadays, many of us never leave our phones for any length of time. Avoid carrying your phone in your pocket. The risks for users, especially young users, can be considerable. Radiation can cause sterility or cancer. As for laptops, try to put it on the table rather than on your lap when you work on it.
- Avoid Bluetooth headsets, prefer the speakerphone.
Using a Bluetooth headset or headsets can be very convenient in many situations. This connection generates electromagnetic waves, like any other connected device. These electromagnetic waves are, however, minimal. They can only become problematic if the Bluetooth device is always worn.
To avoid harm, you can use your phone's speakerphone. This will keep the phone away from you. The farther away your phone is from you, the better, as the effect of radiation reduces with distance.

Protect your home from electromagnetic waves

You can put in place certain measures to protect your family when you are home.
- Unplug your appliances when you are not using them. This not only avoids wasting energy. It also reduces the radiation levels emitted into your home.
- Keep your bedroom as far away from electromagnetic fields as possible. Leave your appliances connected in other rooms. This will protect your bedroom.
- Avoid halogen and fluorescent lighting.
- If you are using Wi-Fi instead of the Internet via a cable at home, unplug it when not in use.
The fact is that we are now bombarded by electromagnetic fields. It comes from the many connected devices in use today but we don't yet know the real impact they have on the human body. All the more reason to take all these precautions.

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