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I wanted to let you know about the products from Shield Your Body. They make a whole line of laboratory-tested products that make it super simple to shield your body from harmful EMF radiation.


SYB Phone Pouch

The SYB Phone Pouch is a safer way to carry your phone. Mount it to your clip or belt, and carry your phone while deflecting up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from your body.
Waterproof 3mm thick neoprene
Lined with EMF shielding fabric on the back
Because the shielding is on one side only, it doesn't interfere with your cell reception or battery life. It just deflects a bunch of harmful EMF radiation away from your body and sensitive bits.

SYB Laptop Pad

A super simple way to shield against up to 92% of EMF radiation from the bottom of your laptop, away from your lap and body.
The SYB Laptop Pad deflects both RF/MW radiation (from WiFi) and ELF radiation (from you laptop's AC power supply and battery).
The SYB Laptop Pad contains a plate of ferromagnetic steel and a sheet of metallic allow to shield and deflect a wide range of frequencies. It's covered in a durable and attractive plastic layer.
Fits any laptop or device up to 14".

SYB Baby Blanket

A super simple way to shield your baby against radiation from devices including cell phones, WiFi routers, baby monitors and smart meters.
The SYB Baby Blanket features two layers of super soft, US-grown cotton flannel, with a middle layer of hypo-allergenic cotton woven with 18% silver thread to form a powerful shield against up to 99% of wireless RF/MW EMF radiation.
Machine Washable
Available in Multiple Colors

Made in USA

These are just a few of Shield Your Body's products. They have a great line of options. And they're all laboratory tested. You should really check them out at Join Our Affiliate Team!
So I hope you really consider joining their affiliate program, and earn a 15% commission on the sales you generate.

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