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The biological effects induced by electromagnetic fields (EMF) vary. They depend on the frequency of the field and the person exposed. We are not all equal when it comes to these radiations. One person may be particularly sensitive to certain wavelengths while others are not. Moreover, children are typically much more sensitive than adults.
Electromagnetic fields can influence our bodies in many ways, including the following:
Cause a loss of seal of the blood-brain barrier
Disrupt the production of melatonin and many other useful substances
Destabilize our cell membranes
Cause genetic damage
Biocompatibility is the ability of materials to degrade the biological environment. Sometimes, they block the interference.
EMF Protection USA offers the best: What we use, we have created for our families.

Best Apparel To Protect You From Electromagnetic Waves

We use state-of-the-art technology combining metallic silver and textiles. Two materials are now used in the manufacture of our products
The actual protective fabric, known as an armor material
The wrapping fabric for products that have one, such as caps for example
The shielding material has a 100% metallic silver shielding property. It's made of 100% metallic silver. The performance of these shields is now achieved by this high percentage of metal. It is also achieved by the manufacturing method of this type of technology. The material interweaves the silver fibers with other textile fibers.
These two materials have a very high and regular braking response to waves. They don't weaken when the power of the waves increases. Due to its composition, this shielding material also has an antibacterial effect. The shielding performances of the fabrics we use are all tested on a regular basis.
High-performance protection
American design and production
High-quality fabric
Nanoparticle-free guarantee

Get Your Protective Apparel and Feel Safer than Ever

Electromagnetic fields emitted by any material can interact with other materials. Near or far. It depends in particular on the intensity of the field emitted. but also, and above all, on the structure of the material encountered. Any matter can thus pick up certain wavelengths. Such wavelengths can have all sorts of consequences on this matter by the energy transferred. They can either deflect or reflect them. They are not influenced, or even crossed without the slightest interaction.
We use the best shielding fabrics with unequaled high and low-frequency performance. It has a 99.99% attenuation efficiency. We rely on solid experience in the field of clothing and design. We have designed innovative products, always opting for excellence, from design to production.
Treat yourself with unique protective clothing created according to high standards
Optimal protection, high and low frequencies
Comfort and respect for sensitive skin
Very high professional quality
Bold, modern design
Irreproachable production
Raw materials friendly to the environment

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