EMF Protection For Babies

For human beings, electromagnetism is normal. Sun, light, body: our physiology works with this phenomenon. FM radios or power lines have low frequencies and are now said to be less harmful.

There are now pulsed microwaves surrounding us. These small waves are for example generated by smartphones, wifi, and microwaves. It's one of the worst pollution types out there right now. Scientists discuss the syndromes related to exposure to the waves. The main danger is the increase in a number of cancers.

Children's brains are not mature until they are around 13 years old. Thus, at an early age, the penetration of EMF waves is more important.

EMF Protection designs solutions to keep your precious little gem out of sight from the EMF.

We protect your babies before they are even born!

The Anti-Wave Maternity Band is perfect for expectant mothers.
The wide cut offers a very comfortable experience. Its pleated design makes it easy to adjust the headband. It can also cover your pants as your tummy grows.
Wear the Pregnancy Band under or over your clothes throughout your pregnancy. It protects by neutralizing electromagnetic waves. Thus, it eliminates ambient radiation and reduces your exposure. You and your baby will be both protected from:

Telephone waves

Wifi waves

BlueTooth waves

Waves generated by electrical appliances

If you don't have time to put this band on, wrap yourself around the anti-waves blanket. It is a pleasant and discreet way to protect your child from the risks of daily radiation. You can carry it in your handbag, this blanket is ideal both at home and at the office. You can use it during your pregnancy and afterward on yourself or on the baby.

Offer Your Baby a Safe Childhood

An anti-wave baby hat protects your baby's head from the risks of daily radiation. This light, stretchy, and protective hat will protect your baby from birth to around 2 years. It neutralizes electromagnetic waves, eliminating ambient radiation and reducing your baby's exposure.
Another source of protection is the anti-wave nursing apron. The breastfeeding blanket allows you to breastfeed your baby in public or in private. It protects both the mom and the baby from the surrounding electromagnetic waves.
The nursing blanket is adjustable thanks to two adjustable straps. The rigid neckline allows ventilation as well as direct contact with the baby's eyes. It is the ideal accessory for elegant and active mums. You don't have to choose between your comfort or your baby's health anymore.

Your Baby is Safe With EMF Protection USA

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Developmental abnormalities
Genetic mutations
Fertility disorders
Prevention of childhood and youth illness from EMF exposure is of crucial social and economic importance. It is one of the foundations of public health policies.
Avoid all of this by taking the necessary precautions. Get in touch with EMF Protection USA. We have effectively trained specialists in the electromagnetic environment. Let us be with you in your everyday electromagnetic hygiene.

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