EMF Protection For Cell Phones

Electromagnetic pollution is the last and most undiscussed layer of all pollutants. It reduces our health capital every day.
Customers choose us because they get the peace of mind that their e-commerce website is protected from evil things like hardware failure, cyber threats, and performance bottlenecks.

Power Line Carrier Current (PLC)

Communicating meters

Connected items

RFID chips

4G, 5G, etc.

Most of the time, this happens without us always being aware of it.
All of these technologies create powerful, imperceivable electromagnetic fields. 4G and 5G towers cause an accumulation of electrically-charged particles. All raising many public health concerns.
EMF Protection USA responds to this anxiety. We have launched products that are able to suppress and limit the waves to which our body is now exposed.

The Solution to the Electro-Pollution Dilemma

We all have witnessed the rising use of cell phones. How could there be any resolution to the electro-pollution dilemma? A solution would be to install a series of interventions that protect us from radiation. These interventions must be all used at the same time to gain the most protection.
The first intervention is noise-field technology. It cancels out ICRWs from cell phones and other wireless devices. It can be also implemented to strengthen cell communication. It boosts the energy field in the body. These two technologies are both combined into a cell phone chip. A universal chip is then used on appliances that emit EMF’s.
The second intervention is nutritional products. They introduce building blocks to promote healthy cells. These types of supplements help the body repair itself from EMF exposure.

Protect Yourself From the Dangers of Your CellPhone

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves from mobile phones can cause:
Sleep disturbances
Reduced intellectual and learning capacity
Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
Brain tumors
The anti-waves patches are very simple to use. Stick them on the back of any mobile device to see a large amountt of the waves stopped. You can expect exposure drops of up to 60-70%.
There are also Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Cases. The goal of our products has always been to reduce your exposure to EMC. Many companies offer inefficient shells. If they are not designed well, however, they can increase your EMC exposure. Trust us on this.
As you use our mobile phones very often, we want to make sure that the product is also enjoyable. Our products are both comfortable and functional.
Electro-pollution poses a serious threat to humans and other living organisms. The use of wireless technology has only begun and will continue to grow. There are no solutions to EMF's and electro-pollution, but there are measures to protect you from their dangers. Until science creates radiation-free cell phones and other devices, it's up to you to take measures to keep yourself healthy and strong.

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