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Today, electromagnetic waves are omnipresent in the home. We truly need to be protecting ourselves from these waves as their long-term effects have yet to be studied. Self-protection requires learning how to protect oneself from electromagnetic waves, whatever their source.

Many materials exist to get rid and/or block electromagnetic waves. Such materials allow individuals to achieve a healthy way of living free from electromagnetic waves. Most of the time, these products have been already tested by hospitals. The military also needs "faraday cages" type anti-wave shelters for their activity. More generally, all personnel exposed to these intense electromagnetic fields should be using EMF protection during their activities.

Best Options For Protecting Your Home From Electromagnetic Waves

Shielded paints and shielded fabrics are very effective solutions to neutralize electromagnetic waves. They act as an anti-wave insulator. They are also a much more efficient and healthy way than with aluminum anti-wave protection.
Besides anti-waves paints, we offer you:
Curtains and fabrics to protect you from high and low-frequency electromagnetic fields
Anti-wave films
Anti-wave wallpapers
Anti-wave canopies and fabrics
Anti-wave protective clothing
They are like a screen of anti-waves shielding. All are easy to put in place. They don't need any work. The best thing about such protective devices--- They are easy to take with you during a move or when leaving an environment.

We Make Your Home a Safe Place

In the home, the protection will be now geared towards the area where we spend the most time. It is important to focus on where the duration of exposure to waves is the most critical. This is the bedroom or night area. You will enjoy a restful night of sleep, allowing you to boost your immune defenses. Protecting yourself from electromagnetic waves should be a priority.
Such anti-EMF protection should be placed as soon as possible to act on the sources of microwaves inside the home, such as:
Such anti-EMF protection should be placed as soon as possible to act on the sources of microwaves inside the home, such as:


Cordless phones


Low magnetic frequencies

Installation and electrical objects of everyday life that are always connected

Low-frequency sources of the electric field

Let's recall the logical order of the implementation of protection. Once you turn off your wifi, it will then be time to protect yourself from your neighbors' wifi waves. You have to install an appropriate anti-wave shielding.

Feel Safer Than Ever

To protect the body against electromagnetic waves, we also offer anti-wave clothing. Ideal protection efforts against waves are best utilized in the house, but leaving the house is necessary. When you can’t be home, how are you protecting yourself?

Our anti-wave clothing solutions will be often used on an ad hoc basis. They are very useful for travel when people reach levels of electro-hypersensitivity. Soon, everyone will need this type of protection when traveling or even shopping.
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