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Artificial or synthetic electromagnetic waves have invaded our lives. All human-made waves have been implemented within less than one century. On the scale of human evolution, that's a very short time. These synthetic waves are to the body's natural waves what synthetic chemistry is to the body's natural chemistry. To believe that they do not interfere with the natural waves of the human body, animals and the Earth is naive.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the radiofrequency fields give rise to induced currents in the body. It sounds simple, but it is intense for a body to withstand. They are capable of producing a range of adverse effects.
EMF Protection USA’s goal is to help you to define and put in place useful solutions. We offer products for wave prevention or attenuation. All of our products are effective and adapted to your needs.



Radar antennas

Mobile phones

Microwave ovens

Best Options For Protecting Your Office From Electromagnetic Waves

Each of us has different reactions to electromagnetic waves. Made up of electromagnetic cells, we are all electrosensitive to our environment. Overexposed, our cells and our body are all disturbed. Common sense is no longer enough. EMF Protection USA’s solutions and products attenuate the sources of polluting waves.
An inspection of your office is necessary. EMF Protection USA will help you with that. We will measure your level of exposure to electromagnetic waves. Our team will make you understand what we are finding and how our findings may affect you. They will help if you are interested in buying a detector or measuring device. They will also tell you the ones that are well-suited to your needs. There are a lot of choices available. The devices we offer have been all selected carefully. Their functionalities have been all proven and we have a great amount of trust in each of our products. We offer excellent quality at reasonable prices.

For the low-frequency

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Faradised boxes
Cable and wire shielded with a metal strip
Earthing drain
Shielded sheaths on request
Lighting solutions and shielded lamps
Shielded power strips
Computer cables
Shielded extension cords
Bipolar switches
It is also possible and easy to install our automatic IAC field switches. They are now called bio-switches. They neutralize circuit fields identified as disturbing your night sleep.

Your Office Free From Electromagnetic Waves

Does electromagnetic hygiene concern you? Do you want to limit your overexposure to electromagnetic waves? It's possible! EMF Protection USA is an expert in the protection of electromagnetic waves. We offer you a wide range of detection equipment and customized attenuation solutions.

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